Hey, thanks for taking a moment out of your day to visit my website. My name is Curtis Harley and this whole idea is dedicated to my passion for entrepreneurship.

You see, I’ve loved entrepreneurship since I was a young teenager. I’d make coloured hair gel and sell it to other kids on my council estate so I could get enough money to buy a new football or whatever else I wanted at the time.

Now, I obviously didn’t know or understand what entrepreneurship was back then but that excitement, those happy feelings I experienced would be the driving force behind my life long ambition to become a successful entrepreneur.

So fast forward to present day and I currently run a digital marketing agency in Dublin. It’s been such a rollercoaster experience so far. I’ve really come to understand myself, knowing my strengths and weaknesses, seeing myself grow in certain areas and watching myself fail over and over again at the same things.

Starting a digital marketing agency enabled me to bring all my passions together –  Entrepreneurship, marketing and helping people. Meeting other entrepreneurs and hearing them be as enthusiastic and passionate about their own business made me want to talk to more entrepreneurs. I knew I loved talking to people about entrepreneurship and I figured recording my conversations with other entrepreneurs would be helpful to others, so I decided to create my podcast – Everything Entrepreneurial.

About The Podcast

The podcast concept is pretty simple. Each episode I’ll be talking around a specific topic to do with entrepreneurship. I’ll also be inviting other entrepreneurs from all walks of life onto the podcast so they can share their journey and experiences with me and you. The aim is to give entrepreneurs a platform to speak and to be heard by people who are interested in entrepreneurship.

Seeing as I have some experience in the online world I’d like to help start-up entrepreneurs and business owners learn the skills required to effectively market their business online. So, some of the podcast episodes will be me walking you through tactics and strategies you can implement in your business to get more success online.

Be sure to follow me on all the below platforms so I can keep in touch with you, share some exclusive content that’s not on the podcast and generally just have the craic!